Volvo V70 R AWD 2000 Reliable Performance Elegant Design

Volvo V70 R AWD 2000 Reliable Performance Elegant Design – Volvo V70 R was unveiled in May 1997. Similar to previous generation R models, it features a unique leather / alcantara interior with stitching of diamonds on a chair. Further style touches are special front bumper, blue gauge face for instrument cluster, special two colors, and special wheels. Standard equipment has been substantially upgraded above the normal model with several available options such as trunk-mounted CD-changer trunk, self-developed Volvo Road navigation and Traffic Information (RTI) system, or enhanced stereo system.

Aimed at being a high-performance version of various models, all Volvo V70 Rs are equipped with the highest performance engine from the line up, and are available on both front wheels and all-wheel drive with automatic or manual transmissions. The redesigned suspension with lower steering heights and stronger shocks is standard.

Volvo V70 R AWD 2000 is available in 6 colors: Black Stone, Nautic Blue Pearl, Silver Metallic, Venetian Red Pearl, Dark Olive Green, Blue Laser. All, in addition to the first, is a metallic or pearl cat with Blue Laser available only in R. A new 2.4L engine is introduced and the power is upgraded to 265 PS using greater turbo and variable valve timing (VVT). The only transmission is a newly introduced 5-speed automatic brake disc brake, which is upgraded to a disc released uniquely for R. A dual outlet exhaust is fitted as standard with a modified rear bumper to accommodate it. The interior can be ordered in a two-tone design paired with white alcantara and black leather for seat covers.

Volvo V70 R AWD 2000 Reliable Performance Elegant Design

The horse-drawing station might not get everyone’s heart, but when there’s a Volvo badge above the grille, it’s definitely worth seeing. The Volvo V70 R AWD was produced in 2000 in a long line of Volvo fun carriers, a family that includes impressive carriages such as the 122S, 145, 740 and 850. Even the 1800ES hip is like a wagon.

In creating the Volvo V70 R AWD 2000, Volvo engineers took the newly launched 70-point station wagon and incorporated a five-cylinder, high-pressure, high-pressure, high-power, 2.3 liter engine under the hood. This 246-horsepower engine gets power to the ground through a viskous clutch type AWD system that can transfer the torque between the front and rear axles in milliseconds. Volvo is more of a super rigid structure that has excellent engine and suspension. All switches and controls have a very deliberate feeling about them, and the whole car only produces quality.

Volvo V70 R AWD 2000

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