Volvo Vera 2018 Concept Future Electric Truck

Volvo Vera 2018 Concept Future Electric Truck – The Swedish Volvo Truck Brand is one of the most innovative commercial vehicle brands in technology development. Volvo Trucks is one step ahead by producing electric trucks, featuring Volvo Vera.

Volvo has created a prototype truck for urban logistics with an electric engine. Volvo launches the concept, dubbed Volvo Vera. Volvo Vera This concept will be even more sophisticated because it is an autonomous electric truck aka self-driving without a driver.

The plan is that the Volvo Vera prototype will be introduced at a special event at the largest port and logistics center in Berlin, Germany. Volvo Vera is rumored to be using a electric train consisting of the same type of driveline and battery used by the first electric Volvo Truck introduced earlier this year.

Volvo Vera will use an electric motor with a capacity of 185 kW, with a lithium-ion battery pack between 100 and 300 kWh capable of reaching distances of up to 186 miles or 300 km. Where the Volvo Vera will be in the form of a trailer capable of pulling container boxes weighing 32 tons.

As a trailer for the future with autonomous technology, the model is also unusual. Vera’s design is very futuristic and modern. Interestingly, if the container box is removed, this trailer looks like a supercar. People would not have thought he could pull a super heavy burden on his trailer.

Volvo believes vehicles like the Vera will be very useful for the industry of the future. Moreover, trucks today have been demanded to prioritize zero emission technology as well as being efficient in their operations. Because going forward, the industry’s dependence on trucks and transportation for this model will be very high.

Volvo Vera 2018 Concept Future Electric Truck

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