Volvo VM 330 8×2 2014 Design Interior Exterior Truck

Volvo VM 330 8×2 2014 Design Interior Exterior Truck – Launched late last year in Fenatran, the fourth generation of Volvo VM, it stands out for its modern design and advanced technology, with special emphasis on the transmission of the I-Shift automatic innovative, which makes the exchange of certain teeth in a matter of seconds to make sure the fuel economy and parts wear low. In addition to modern, versatile version of the new VM is also not lacking in semi-heavy Volvo.

Volvo VM 330 8x2 2014 Design Exterior Truck

Volvo VM 330 8×2 2014 Design Exterior Truck

Version of Volvo VM 330 sorted by power, the inlet has a block of six cylinder 213 hp, while the center is carrying the HP 270 and over 330 horsepower, all equipped with SCR technology to meet the Euro 5 legislation, which came into force in 2011 in Brazil , But the torque of 75 Nm (at 1200-1600 rpm) in the most basic setup, 97 Nm (1200-1600 rpm) in the middle of 270 hp and 133 Nm (1200-1600 rpm) at the top of 330 CV.

Another highlight of Volvo trucks is a system called EXTRA torque, which increases the torque available up to 16%, providing increased with higher speed and fuel economy is greater. But the exchange VM conventional manual six-speed configuration has 220 hp, 9-speed versions of 270 and 14 forward gears and four reverse speeds in the most expensive version of 330 CV.

VM 2014/2015 truck lanes have major external changes. They acquire a completely different look than the previous generation. VM cabin now has a look that is very close in New FH, recently launched in Brazil. design becomes more streamlined and aggressive, has a modern lamp with LED lighting in the format V.

In contrast to the exterior design of the booths were almost all addressed in the change of the fourth generation is more discrete, panels but has additional features, carrying the same image, the highlight is a new network and equipment packages, for example, on-board computer controls on the steering wheel, which ensures more comfort to the driver. Pneumatic steering column adjustment.

Volvo VM 330 8×2 2014 Design Interior Exterior Truck

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