Volvo VNL 760 2018 New Style More Efficient

Volvo VNL 760 2018 New Style More Efficient – Volvo VNL 760 has been redesigned with significant improvements to ergonomics, aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, and performance. The selection of VNL sleeper and day cab models includes a variety of highway applications, all offering unparalleled driveability, security and comfort.

Changes to the outside of the truck include a narrower hood with a lower crown and a rounded outline, a more rounded fender with integrated headlamps, and a finer fairing casing with flexible extenders that extend closer to the ground to improve crosswind performance . No more opening at fairing chassis for charging DEF tanks; now covered with doors popping up in automotive style. However, changes to the chassis fairings do not mean a change in the full-sized and highly jagged access steps. Safety is still a very important consideration for Volvo.


The Volvo VNL 760 high roof is destined to become our top-selling truck. In a new 70 “long, 96” bed, the driver will find plenty of room to handle everyday demands, whether it’s pursuing documents, taking a meal break, or getting the rest they need for a long day on the road.

Bumper Volvo VNL 760 has a removable panel that hides the hooks. They are still there, but they do not interfere with aerodynamics. The bumper has been pushed forward by 1.4 inches in midline and is recalled by 4 inches in the wheel well. This gives the front of the round profile truck that might cut the wind a little easier.

The cabin itself is new, with a new body decoration on the side wall and a pair of large windows that actually open the bed. The thick sculptural strip extends from the rear edge of the hood, across from the door and up to the back of the bed. This adds a good visual accent, but also helps strengthen the large side panels, which I believe can help reduce wind noise and low-frequency resonance in the truck.

Volvo VNL 760 2018 New Style More Efficient

The Volvo VNL 760 has everything surrounding the driver with the optimal work environment and the best support services. To meet the needs of drivers, our new driver environment offers a redesigned workspace and workspace built on a proven sturdy chassis that delivers smooth ride, and precise and agile handling. Optimized seating design and positioning, along with new dashboards, put drivers at ease in command, helping them maximize productivity. Inside, seating has been ergonomically optimized, while the dashboard and steering wheel bring controls and information efficiently to the driver with minimal distraction. Our redesigned VNL sleepers make your drivers feel at home on the road. Volvo VNL 760 lineup is a 70 inch sleep. Previously, Volvo VNL sleeper was 61 inches, putting the company at a bit of a loss in its long sleep compared to the rest of the industry.

Volvo VNL 760 2018 as the most fuel-efficient truck on the road. Fuel efficiency is more than one feature, it is a combination of special solutions that work together in perfect harmony. The result is a fuel efficiency tailor-made to cut operational costs.

Volvo VNL 760 2018 New Style More Efficien

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