Western Star 4700 Truck 2011 Various Application Designs

Western Star 4700 Truck 2011 Various Application Designs – Professional trucks in 2011 all-new class 8 is Western Star 4700. Western Star 4700, which is included in the front axle one step forward, has one more important feature, 2.7 meters for distance from bumper to the rear of the cabin, the distance from bumper to the rear of the cabin is the shortest in its class, and is the ideal solution to meet the needs of garbage trucks, concrete mixers, tow trucks, dirt and snow removal machines.

The Western Star 4700 2011 extends the product line to meet the growing needs of customers who still need different attributes that cannot be found in traditional Western Star trucks. Coupled with unparalleled attention to detail, the 4700 will be very durable, strong and reliable “Western Star”. The Western Star 4700 is ready to handle the most demanding applications, therefore it is available in a variety of power options for one truck model such as dump trucks, cranes, tracktor and other special applications.

Western Star 4700 Set Forward Dump Truck 2011

The Western Star 4700 engine with the 13-liter DD13 has the power of 350-450 horsepower and SCR with subsequent exhaust gas processing. For professional buyers who don’t want or don’t need a 13-liter engine, Cummins ISC offers a smaller capacity with a capacity of 260-350 “horses” and the ISL 345-380 “horse” is equipped with an SCR exhaust handling system. Transmission for the Western Star 4700 is also not available in one copy, for example the latest development of Eaton Ultrashift PLUS, and Allison (Allison) 3000 and 4000-series. Detroit and Cummins Diesel Engines are ideal for meeting the specific performance and efficiency of today’s professional markets.

In combination with Allison transmissions and the 2nd Eaton variant, Western Star 4700 has secured a place in the Premium Transmission niche. The Western Star 4700 is equipped with a cabin made of galvanized alloy, which is designed specifically to withstand harsh professional conditions, this tilted hood provides a superior cabin path to optimize visibility. In addition, the front facing front axle, in combination with the wheel diameter, provides better maneuverability in all parts of the work surface. Driver comfort is not forgotten, in other words the Western Star 4700 has a new interior that will make the driver’s work more comfortable than before.

This includes the latest materials that are easier to clean, and paint the cabin in bright colors that makes the cabin 1.8 meters brighter. In a large cabin, Western Star 4700 also provides a lot of storage capabilities. The completely new recycling door is maximally enhanced, finished and durable, while still maintaining excellent entrance and exit. For special applications the Western Star 4700 has a flat rear cabin wall, battery storage is placed in the cockpit and front frame extension. The connection and cable terminal control unit are located in the cabin, which protects against corrosion, and as a result of unexpected downtime during repairs.

Western Star 4700 Truck 2011 Various Application Designs

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