Western Star 5700XE 2014 Aerodynamic Efficient Truck Design

Western Star 5700XE 2014 Aerodynamic Efficient Truck Design – Western Star 2014 introduces a 5700XE fuel-efficient truck on the highway. This on-highway Class 8 truck is intended for owner-operators and small to medium-sized fleets in a variety of applications from manufacturing to construction. Western Star adds the industry’s most advanced fuel-saving technology to industrial trucks, and has now launched the all-new Western Star 5700XE 2014.

Western Star 5700XE 2014 represents extreme efficiency by combining the legendary Western Star together with aerodynamic innovation, and the most available fuel-efficient powertrain. This on-highway Class 8 truck has a 126 “BBC feature with a set-back axle, and is available in a variety of light and wide sleeper configurations.

Designed to optimize driver performance, Western Star 5700XE 2014 presents many of the industry’s most advanced technologies to keep drivers safe and productive. Comfortable and well-appointed cabin. Inside and out, the Western Star 5700XE 2014 is one of the most technologically advanced trucks, with innovative safety features that will keep the driver safe while on the road.

Western Star 5700XE Sleeper Cab 2014 Aerodynamic Efficient Truck Design

Western Star 5700XE 2014 has a fully adjustable steering column, and an advanced steering wheel with integrated controls for stereo and cruise control, as well as Bluetooth connections for cell phones. In addition, all new turn signal bars include integrated wipers and high beam control.

Western Star 5700XE 2014 with Detroit DT12 transmission which is standard at 5700XE. The DT12 complements the extreme efficiency of Western Star 5700XE 2014 by providing improved fuel economy, vehicle performance and safety. As part of the Detroit product offering, the DT12 maximizes fuel efficiency for remote applications while significantly increasing the driver experience. Also available at 5700XE are Detroit DD13, DD15 and DD16 engines, as well as Detroit axles. In addition, each 5700XE is equipped with the standard Detroit Virtual Technician remote diagnostic service.

Western Star 5700XE 2014

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