Yutong Coach T12 2015 Bus Design Elegant And Smart

Yutong Coach T12 2015 Bus Design Elegant And Smart – Optional power vehicle: two engine power available, automatic transmission has an efficient and environmentally friendly fuel protection, Maximum passenger capacity is 53 + 1 + 1, optional 48 + 1 + 1.

Yutong Coach T12 2015 Bus Design Elegant And Smart

The Yutong coach T12 2015 bus with a sophisticated brake assist system and anti-rollover system offers safe and worry-free travel. Independent front suspension with 58º steering angle, 18.5 meter turn diameter offers better maneuverability, smaller turning radius, better suited for mountainous areas in Europe as well as sub-island road conditions or road conditions with more roundabouts in the first level city.

The smarter Yutong coach T12 2015 bus, with taste and interior design, based on European ergonomic alignment, comfort design, comfortable ride, easy travel, configuration of cold and warm temperature air conditioner, air conditioning, entertainment system, driving area and independently controlled passenger area, Bus Yutong coach T12 2015 Directly developed for European users Dashboard dynamic modeling, the overall shape is elegant. The design of this new model offers innovative and single, while elegant and dynamic, exercises in harmony between the exterior and interior design lines, where minimalism and purity in terms of modernity are the values ​​for the emerging Yutong brand in the European market.

Yutong coach T12 2015 bus relying on intelligent information-based network architecture, all-vehicle information data and scalable telematics, together with the combination of vehicle diagnostic and telematics systems as a whole, fleet management, online diagnostics, remote diagnosis and remote intelligent remote monitoring can be achieved.

Yutong Coach T12 2015 Bus Design Elegant And Smart

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