Yutong ZK6122HD9 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Yutong ZK6122HD9 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus – Striking Appearance, Eye discovering appearance with unwinding ergonomic seats and huge windows empowers you to completely appreciate the solace and landscape along your trip. High-position brake lights, Hidden side window columns congruously supplement the Z-frame outside lines. Metal finished Yutong logo is an indication of value. Imaginative and engaging front lamp plan.

The recently overhauled gear compartment has a volume high up to 12.5 cubic meters without expanding the measurements of the entire vehicle. The inside space has been upgraded because of the reasonable format of seats, gear rack et cetera, guaranteeing the solace and accommodation of travelers.

Driver situate: six-heading movable seat with abnormal state of solace eases the driver’s weariness, in this manner guaranteeing a more secure driving. Traveler situate: the crevice between seats is at the very least 300mm, in this way guaranteeing an agreeable ride of travelers. With a capable ventilation system, the inside temperature of the vehicle can be lessened to 20 centigrade degree inside a shot time, empowering you to appreciate a cool and agreeable outing.

Yutong ZK6122HD9 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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