Yutong ZK6126HGA 2015 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Smart BRT appearance and agreeable insides. ECAS framework and wheelchair slope encourage the boarding and landing. Inside gear rack and wheelchair zone. Monocoque structure, great wellbeing. Lightweight plan highlights low fuel utilization. Electro covering procedure of entire vehicles ensures 8-10 years of rust aperture resistance. Normal coordinating of various case gatherings enhances the dependability and power execution of the vehicle. Uncommonly intended for airplane terminal transport and open transportation.

The use of shut system and high-strenth steels exceptionally utilized for transport to a great extent enhances the structure strenth. The dietribution coefficient of front and back braking power can be balanced dependably relying on the real utilize condition in various areas to a great extent draw out the administration life of brake shoe.

The trembling issue which for the most part happens when the city transport begins is dispensed with through the unwavering quality study on grip and control instrument to a great extent drag out the administration life of grasp plate. ZK6126 receives the extraordinary warmth protected and sound-stifling materials for the back motor compartment to diminish the commotion of finish transport. The front and back axles both utilize aluminum wheel edges with higher strength,up to fine times higher than normal rim.This goes far in accomplishing the vehicle’s light weight,and a 2.8% decrease in fuel utilization.

Aerating and cooling framework utilizes shower-sort ventilation frameworks to maintain a strategic distance from the bother of icy air blowing specifically on to travelers. Arear hub with substantial single wheel base to accomplish more sensible design and the vastest conceivable traveler direct in household industry. The transport has utilized an upset structure for the side windows which adequately direct the wind stream and the temperature inside the vehicle without opening the ventilating framework.

Yutong ZK6126HGA 2015 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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