Yutong ZK6126HGB 2015 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Yutong ZK6126HGB 2015 Design Interior Exterior Bus – Among a considerable amount of twofold deckers, ZK6126HGB is extremely special, since it is a city transport with the open top. At the point when travelers on the second decker are taking a gander at the encompassing landscape, they will feel completely casual.

Reliable,accompany the distance, The front windshield at the second decker empowers travelers to appreciate the view without yielding the wellbeing. The open top outline gives you a clearing perspective of the landscape. The staircase with canopy shields the lower decker and is appropriate for all-climate condition.

The beautiful LCD field-transport instrument furnished with 7-inch TFT LCD screen can give indicative capacities and blame signs, which are anything but difficult to peruse. Sane format of catches extraordinarily improves the driving accommodation and security. The ergonomic driver situate diminishes the driving weariness, consolidating the security and ride comfort together.

Yutong ZK6126HGB 2015 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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