Yutong ZK6140BD 2015 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Extraordinary outline of the appearance, Yutong ZK6140BD landing strip transport is a superb vehicle exceptionally intended for the transportation of travelers on the runway that takes care of their real requests. As far as the outside appearance, it is truly an unmistakable exemplary work.

Ultra extensive front windshield gives a wide visual field to drivers. Electric rearview mirrors without blind side upgrade the vision of drivers. The electric defrosting capacity of mirrors enhances the driving security. Furnished with the top notch hostile to squeeze framework, the administration entryway will naturally revive when it experiences a few deterrents while shutting to keep travelers from being squeezed. Just when all administration entryways are shut can the vehicle be begun to guarantee the security of travelers.

Through the streamlining, the inside space of the vehicle is enormously expanded and gives travelers the top riding knowledge. The traveler seats with ecologically well disposed materials are useful for the wellbeing of travelers and simple to clean. The speaker telephones on both side dividers understand the correspondence between the driver and travelers.

The gear racks at the front, center and back administration entryways take full utilization of the inside space. The handrail posts encourage the standing and landing of travelers without trading off the inside space. NVH quiet innovation successfully lessens the inside commotion by 4-7 decibels and gives a more agreeable environment to travelers. With the unmistakable structure, the floor brags water-safe, consumption safe and hostile to maturing surface qualities.

The instrument boards are clear while the control catches are anything but difficult to get to. Taking the elements of human bodies into thought and applying ergonomic outlines, the driving solace is enhanced, in this way conveying unparalleled working background to drivers. Then, the driving wellbeing is significantly improved too.

The LCD show on the dashboard encourages the driver to watch the boarding and landing of travelers. The new era CAN transport under the concentrated control of PCs enhances the perception of shortcomings and makes the repair and upkeep more helpful. The new-style ECAS lifting framework empowers the vehicle to stoop on both sides to encourage the entrance of travelers.

Yutong ZK6140BD 2015 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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